Concussion Therapy

A True Story from Sydney Crosby

Sidney Crosby brought concussion injuries to the forefront where he sat out 210 days during the 2011 NHL season as part of the medical Standard of Care.

His concussion migraine symptom complex came back within minutes of training on a stationary bike.  This pushed the panic button...encouraging him to seek other solutions by going to see a Chiropractic Functional Neurologist, Dr. Frederick Carrick.  As a result, Sidney Crosby was back on the ice within 6 weeks.

Functional Neurology is to support healthy function/neuroplasticity through specific and proper stimulation... The old adage which basically defines neuroplasticity is the "use it or lose it" principle. 

Sydney Crosby
As discovered with Sidney Crosby… Neck Injury/Whiplash Associated Disorder almost always goes with a concussion and vice versa because there are the brain and spinal nerve pathways in the neck that all feed into the same circuit boxes. When one circuit gets overloaded they all blow manifesting in symptoms. Whiplash is an Injury to C/S  resulting from rapid acceleration or deceleration. This often occurs after a car accident or a traumatic fall where your head has been whip around or back and forth. Severe and tight neck pain is the result. Often some numbness or tingling can accompany this into the fingers or hands.   

Concussions are a serious health issue with potential long term effects.

Concussion statistics

Individuals suffering from concussions have various different symptoms from dizziness, poor concentration, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, and being nauseous to being easily distracted.  Each concussion patient has their own symptoms that need to be addressed.

Traditional treatment of concussions involved rest.  Scientists and doctors are now coming to the conclusion that simply resting may work for some concussion patients (generally, patients where this is their first concussion or whereby the force of the concussion was extremely mild); however, rest is not restorative enough for many patients.  Sidney Crosby is the perfect example that rest is not always enough.
Chiropractic provides one step in a multifaceted approach to concussion treatment.  The neck is always involved in a concussion simply because the neck supports the head and is experiencing force when the head is. 

The goal of Chiropractic is to assist the body to regain optimal functioning by removing tightness (restrictions) that can lead to poor posture, pain and physical and emotional illness. 

The brain and the spinal column are in charge of how our body works.  If there is a blockage preventing signals from traveling properly throughout the body, the body cannot function optimally.
diagram of the movement of the brain during a concussion

Dysfunctional movement patterns lead to poor performance, increased injury, and decreased durability and pain.   Thus moving improperly means you are damaging other systems of the body.  A concussion is one such injury that impacts our movement.  

Movement is not the only aspect that becomes impaired with concussion injuries, we only need to consider that incomplete symptoms list.  Cognitive processing (ability to process information, general mental functions including comprehension and decision making and planning and learning) and Focus play a crucial role in success or failure at school, work, and in almost all aspects of human performance.  These are the areas that those suffering from concussions struggle with, often on a daily basis.  

Slowing of neural communication occurs as we age affecting sensory, motor, and cognitive abilities.  In particular, impairment in temporal resolution occurs resulting in reduced ability to process rapid events impacting safety, driving, decision-making speed, processing speech (especially in noise), memory, and other abilities.  Those struggling with a concussion experience changes in all or some of these areas.  With training to improve timing and synchronization, measurable gains are observed in cognitive and perceptual skills compared to individuals who do not undergo such training (Anderson et al, 2012).

Treating concussions is not as simple as prescribing rest. Restrictions, movement, and rhythm, and timing should be addressed. Rehabilitation utilizing Chiropractic and massage therapy, and acupuncture provides a well-rounded and safe means of addressing all these areas. Concussions are costly both to the individual and their families as well as society.

Put Your Head in Good Care.