Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy 

A motor vehicle accident can result in a wide range of pain and injuries.

You may have mild whiplash that lasts a few weeks or more severe life-changing injuries that require ongoing care. It is not uncommon that injuries take a few days to appear after the accident and getting immediate treatment is crucial to prevent minor injuries from causing more complications. It can be a confusing and stressful time dealing with pain, injuries, and insurance, let us help you regain control of your body and get you moving again. 


   Educate you about your specific injuries, pain-relieving positions, postures, and pain relief strategies for home

   Exercises for pain relief and to improve strength and mobility 

   Manual therapy to improve pain and range of motion

   Modalities such as ultrasound, interferential current, or acupuncture for pain relief

   Rehabilitation program designed to return patients to their regular activities, sports, work, or whatever your goals might be 

What can you expect coming to a Physiotherapy Appointment?

Your initial appointment will include a comprehensive assessment by our physiotherapist of your injuries. We will then formulate a treatment plan for treatment to address all of your issues to help you reach your goals of recovery.

Our treatment plans are designed with you in mind and will book appointments based on your scheduling needs. 

Common Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries


Whiplash/Neck Pain
Low back pain
Muscle and ligament sprains and strains
Post-op/post-cast rehab
Muscle tears and tendonitis

Benefits of going to Physiotherapy after a Motor Vehicle Accident

   Promotes fast recovery – seeking physiotherapy can improve the rate at which you can return to your regular activities, sports or work by improving your strength and movement while managing your pain.

    Prevents symptoms from worsening or resulting in chronic pain- Physiotherapy can help prevent long term damage or pain and secondary complications such as migraines, or central pain syndrome.

    Alleviates pain – Motion is lotion! Physiotherapy helps promote safe movement and exercises to get your blood pumping to bring nutrients and oxygen to your injured areas to help promote healing and alleviate pain

Put Your Body in Good Hands.