Adelaide Clinic's Physiotherapy Gym

Come visit our on-location Gym, tailored for YOU and your  Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy treatments are not a one size fits all solution, each treatment plan is different and tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Our new gym allows us more diverse equipment to ensure we have everything we need to meet those goals! From the everyday worker, high-level athlete, junior or elderly, we’ve got what you need to maximize your recovery and get you feeling like yourself again.

Our new gym is well equipped to help you in your recovery process. Our on-site gym has: a bike, treadmill, weights, and various other exercise equipment to help with strengthening, balance & proprioception, or range of motion.

The bike is great for knee, ankle, hip, or back rehabilitation while the treadmill can be used for gait or running assessments or to help build strength or stamina. We can’t wait for you to try it! Give Adelaide Clinic a call or book an appointment online.