Lower Back Pain


Discogenic Pain 

This pain ranges from dull and achy to sharp with numbness or tingling into the legs or feet. Typically there are tight muscles involved and all movements cause more pain, and over the counter pain, medicine doesn't alleviate this pain in any significant way. 

Sciatic Pain 

This is characterized as a stabbing pain or weakness originating in your buttock that shoots down the back of your leg; it can stop anywhere between your knee and toes. The pain is usually only in one leg and it is constant. Sitting usually aggravates this pain

Piriformis Syndrome 

This is usually local pain in your buttock region; usually the muscles there are very tight and tender. Your regular activated such as running, skating or weight lifting will be affected and painful. 

Mechanical Low Back Pain 

This is described as pain originating from the small joints in your spine; there is often inflammation involved causing the joints to change their movement patterns which cause you pain. It is often achy and causes difficulty with movement.

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