Adelaide Clinic
a dynamic team of medical professionals that offers a perfect combination of treatments
to suit most kinds of pain and discomfort. Since opening our doors in 2018, our dedicated team has provided
Chiropractic+Massage Therapy+Acupuncture+Physiotherapy to allow you to live your life PAIN-FREE!

Our Clients Share
My son and I have been going to Dr. J for a couple of weeks now. Before I saw her I could barely put pants on as I had little mobility in my leg. Now I have no issues and my pain has decreased significantly.

My kiddo has been sleeping better since his adjustments. I am sooo incredibly thankful for her!
— Jess McInnes
Dr. J and her staff are incredible. I hurt my back on a Saturday morning and received treatment that day and on Sunday. With a bulged disc I was relieved of pain by Wednesday. I was also made aware of what my future looked like in regards to back exercise, treatment, prevention, etc. The most caring and professional staff I have ever met. Thank you
Oh and they give back to the community they do business in, a big plus for me
— Paul Duncan
Following a knee injury, I was desperately looking for somewhere to go for an assessment and for physiotherapy. Everywhere else in town would have had me waiting for over a week for support, but I was able to get into the Adelaide Clinic to meet with Carly the next day using their easy online booking! Carly is a phenomenal physiotherapist and helped me build strength in my knee through simple exercises, and now I am back to 100% and back to my regular exercise routine! Thank Adelaide clinic!
— Kelsie Howell
Dr. Jacq is very professional and very thorough. She determines the issue and applies what treatments will work to help repair the problem Her office is very aesthetically pleasing and up to date with the latest equipment available to her patients. The addition of professionals who offer other services extends the sphere of care available at the Adelaide Clinic. I would highly recommend Dr. Jacqueline Nicholls and her clinic.
— Pat Mark
I love coming to Adelaide clinic, I use all services that they provide, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, and pelvic floor therapy. I have been going for over a year and I feel better in my overall health and my ability to heal and lose weight is doing great as well. I would give this business 5 stars and I would tell you to go there for any issues you have. I also bring my five-year-old son, he has horrible constipation and they help him through massage and chiropractic care.
— Miranda Bell