Active living is important for your health and well-being, no matter what your age - but it can be vital for older adults.

Mobilizations are used by Physiotherapists to promote a joint range of motion, movement, blood flow, and synovial fluid (fluid in your joint) lubrication. They can range from very gentle in the case of a very stiff and irritable joint, to more aggressive depending on your needs and comfort level. 

Mobilizations are performed by your physiotherapist passively, and it involves moving the joint within the joint space with or without moving your limb. 

Why use a Mobilization?

Sometimes moving your limb can be very painful, mobilizations can improve your joint range of motion without the pain of moving your limb.

Mobilizations also help to restore your normal joint tracking or biomechanics.
With the help of a therapist's mobilization, there are many techniques where a painful movement can be pain-free while the therapist applies an adjustment while you are doing the movement. This is used as a treatment technique to help restore normal joint tracking and biomechanics. It also helps our “muscle memory” so that our body learns to restore normal movement on its own.

Mobilizations are often used in conjunction with home exercises to correct these movement patterns and eliminate your pain.

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