Meet Dr. Jacquelyn Nicholls

Dr. J's story - where she is today and how she's grown her passion for helping others.


My journey with chiropractic has been wonderful, fulfilling, varied, and transformative. Upon graduating from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College; I wasn’t sure where I wanted to practice; in the city, rurally, somewhere in between? But I knew I wanted to work with dancers and help them the way I was helped. A recommendation from my mentor, Dr. Rosanne Metz, suggested that I locum (cover the primary chiropractors' holidays) for a few different clinics and learn from experienced, established clinics. This was fantastic advice.

While I was a locum; I cold-called and sent my resume to Ballet BC, Alberta Ballet, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, and The National Ballet of Canada. I was able to get interviews at three.


I chose to move to Calgary, Alberta, and work both in a private clinic and as the resident chiropractor for the Alberta Ballet.  I was apart of their medical team; which was comprised of an Orthopedic Surgeon, an Internist, a Naturopathic Doctor, a Physiotherapist, a massage therapist, and myself as a chiropractor. 

I worked on the team; where we would have round table discussions about the dancers, helped with a research study through the University of Calgary, I was in the studio with the dancers 1-2 days a week and worked backstage at each performance. The amount of learning, collaboration, and hands-on skills I gained in that high-pressure, performance-based environment was invaluable. 


In my private practice; my patient base was more varied; I was able to treat mothers, infants, gained my Webster Technique Certification, worked with Olympic Athletes, Cross fit Athletes, people who work at a desk, motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries. I took the work ethic from the Ballet into my private practice; injuries need to be short-lived and resolved fully; that dancer needs to be performance ready at any time. This helped me gain lasting results for my private practice patients.


In 2017; I moved back to Ontario to be closer to my family. This was a big change as I wasn’t sure where I wanted to work again. I joined clinics in Peterborough and Newcastle, covered maternity leaves, and deepened my passion for helping mothers and children.

I also worked from my parents’ home in Lindsay, it started as family and friends, who didn’t want to drive to my other locations. I quickly realized Lindsay was home and I was needed here. In a few months, my home base practice was full and I needed to expand. I created my ‘wish list’ of what a clinic and building would I would need.


My mom and I were driving down Kent St. and a coming soon sign was being erected at 1 Adelaide St. N.; we drove in the driveway and ask to see the house. I was lucky I got to meet the owners and we had a great talk about this beautiful century home, its long history in Lindsay, and that this location had so much more to offer than my feeble wish list. That evening I put in an offer.

Over the next 8 months, with the help of my parents, I learned, created, and grew Adelaide Clinic. We opened our doors on January 8th 2018; with 3 patients booked; it was a long 12 hour day of just me. Quickly, I was able to find team members who share the same passion and dedication to their clients.

Was there a defining moment that decided your career path?

I discovered chiropractic after my own dance injury.  At the time, I was at York University; a Double Major in Bachelor Fine Arts in Dance and Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.  We would dance approximately 6- 8 hours a day; depending on your course load. I suffered a severe knee injury in class that was misdiagnosed and due to the length of time of the injury; it becomes more complicated and chronic, eventually involving my whole right leg and low back; I was unable to drive, stairs were very painful and dancing was out of the question.

This was a devastating time for me; I was a dance teacher at the time as well, still competing in Highland Dance on the weekends, and performing professionally outside of University as well. I danced all the time; most of my income was dance-related, a large part of my identity was dance-related. I was six months into this injury; I suffered two stomach ulcers due to the number of NSAIDS I was taking to try to curb the pain and my Dance Degree was in jeopardy; as you have to actually dance to graduate. I was scheduled for exploratory surgery to see if the problem could be discovered.

During the waiting period for surgery; a close friend, asked if I had tried a chiropractor? I told her; I didn’t know what that was, but I would if she could recommend someone. She recommended her chiropractor who had a lot of experience with dancers. It was the most thorough examination I had received to date; she looked at my feet, ankles, knees, hips, pelvis, and low back. We started treatment and within one month I started to feel relief; I could walk without pain, stairs were becoming easier, I could drive pain-free. Within three months, I was back dancing – modified- but back. There was a light, there was hope that I could dance again and maybe even graduate. I applied to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) that day – didn’t even know it was a four-year Doctoral Degree, but knew I had to be a part of this; that I wanted to give people their lives back; without complications, with lasting results. 

What makes Adelaide Clinic unique?


Our integration of services; we have one central filing system and we collaborate to solve complex problems for patients.

It takes a special type of practitioner to want to collaborate, takes advice, and listen. We have an exceptional team that thrives in that environment. 

What does being a Chiropractor mean to you?

  Creative solutions for complex pain problems

  Working with my patients to discover to best results for them

  Creating a space where my patients can have the life they want to live, pain-free, and with joy. One where they are empowered to know what their body needs and when and how to ask for it. 

A Chiropractic Education


The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College is a leader in research and development for the chiropractic profession. Dr. J has continued her education attending various universities across Canada, providing her clients with the latest techniques and information.

  Acupuncture at McMaster University
  Advanced Perinatal Care 
  Infants and latching 
  Infants through the ICPA
  McKenzie Lecture Series on Lumbar Disc Pain
  Adjusting Seminars 
  Infant chiropractic seminars 
  Neurodymanics seminars 
  McGill Lecture Series on complicated Low Back Pain

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