Pre-Post Natal Care

Training to individualize rehabilitation programs for healthy exercise.


How does Chiropractic Care
benefit Mom and Baby?

   More often than not, Healthy Moms make Healthy Babies.
   Chiropractic adjustments are safe, gentle and sensible and allow the nervous system to function at its best. (in fact, the amount of force used on pregnant women’s spines is less due to the ligament loosening)
   The nervous system is the central control station of the body and when functioning properly, allows Moms to adapt to the constant change in posture and body mechanics.
   Many women report faster and more comfortable labour and delivery and easier return to pre-pregnancy shape
   We want to help make pregnancy the pleasant experience it was meant to be.

Postural & Related Changes Include

   Increased lumbar curve
   Forward shift of the centre of gravity
   Loosening of ligaments (relaxing)
   Increased breast size and weight (increased stress on thoracic spine – your midback)
   Rib Cage Widening
   Stretching of Abdominals
   Pelvic Distortion (mechanics “out of wack” results in pregnant Waddle or stance)

An Ideal Pregnancy Exercise Program Include

  1. Stretching Exercises

  2. Breathing & Relaxation Practice

  3. Aerobic Exercise preceded by warm up exercise & followed by cool down exercises

  4. Specific exercises for childbirth preparation

Benefits of Exercise

More Energy

Less Fatigue

Improved Sleep

Reduction in Discomfort

Reduced Constipation

Reduced Incidence of Neckache, Leg Cramps & Varicose Veins

Prevention of Excess Weight Gain

Improved Circulatory System Function (Aerobic Exercise)

  • Avoid inverted (upside down) positions & postures that increase the curve in the low back
  • General full body stretching (to tone upper and lower back)
  • Emphasize front of thighs
  • Gentle abdominal strengthening (tightening, “ha’s”)
  • Pelvic Floor (see Specific Childbearing & Childbirth exercises below)
  • Deep abdominal breathing
  • Labour breathing: chest breathing, panting, pushing breath
  • Progressive Relaxation
  • Visualization
  • Walking is highly recommended, you can do this through all stages of pregnancy
  • Swimming (great because the water takes gravity’s pressure away)
  • Choose “no bounce” exercises (cycling, dancing)
  • Warm up & warm down adequately, since ligaments are looser, your chances of injury 
  • Avoid increasing your heart rate excessively (don’t exercise to breathlessness)

Put Your Body in Good Hands.