Knee joints, elbow, or the joints of the spinal bones are all joints!

What Are Joints?

When two or more bones come together in the body, usually to create an area of movement or a place the bend (create fulcrum). 


Examples of joints are the knee joint, elbow joint or the joints of the spinal bones. 

There are three types of joints


Fibrous Joints are bones which meet that are not intended to be moveable, held together with ligaments.

Some examples are the cranial bones that surround your brain, and teeth holding onto their sockets.


Cartilage (smooth, elastic-like tissue) connects the two or more bones providing partial movement.

Cartilaginous joints are present between spine vertebrae.


Synovial joints are the most recognizable as a 'joint' within the body, and allow for two or more bones to be freely movable.

There are six different types of Synovial joints, all with a Collagenous structure surrounding the joint to provide lubrication, and cartilage for padding.
Joints can become stiff or immobile through stress, trauma or dysfunction of the structures around the joint (muscles, tendon, and ligaments). To restore motion to these areas e use a chiropractic adjustment. 

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