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We are a young and dynamic team of medical professionals that offer a perfect combination of treatments to suit most kinds of pain and discomfort.

Dr. Jacquelyn Nicholls

Chirpractic and Acupuncture | Founder

Dr. Jacquelyn Nicholls is passionate about treating dancers, athletes, pregnant women and children through holistic, evidence- based, individualized care. She believes that continuing education with an integrated approach is best for her patients to achieve their health goals. Dr. Jacquelyn also offers rehabilitation programs and exercise programs to her patients.


A non-invasive, hands-on health care profession that serves to diagnose, treat, and help prevent disorders and conditions related to the spine, nervous system, and musculoskeletal system.



Acupuncture is a minimally invasive, non-painful part of conservative care that works by modulating the nervous system to restore its function.



Provides safe and effective and drug free care for pregnant moms. Webster Certified Chiropractors is someone who has been specifically trained to assess and adjust the spine and pelvis pregnant women.

Webster Technique


A non-invasive, hands-on health care profession that serves to diagnose, treat, and help prevent disorders and conditions related to the spine, nervous system, and musculoskeletal system.

Concussion Treatment

Ryan Plumpton

Registered Massage Therapist

Hello, my name is Ryan. In 2009 I graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Algonquin College with an Advanced Diploma as the first step towards my career in health care. I have a curious mind that lends itself to the problem solving nature of both orthopedic testing and manual therapy; and so I will always be looking for the best possible way to treat you, whether you aim for better performance, or a little relaxation.

I like to think of myself as the Swiss Army Knife of RMT's. By that I mean that I have cultivated experience in as many forms of treatment as I possibly can. Knowing that sometimes a knot is caused by a fascial binding, or that numbness is secondary to swelling further up a nervous pathway; it never made sense to me to have a limited focus. Instead, I have done my best to make sure I could treat anything put in front of me. As such, I have had success treating across a range of conditions; from improving range of motion and reducing swelling following a knee replacement, to providing some badly needed pain relief to those that suffer from fibromyalgia or chronic headache. I am also fortunate to have counted expecting moms, athletes, and children among those I have been able to help.

It is with you in mind that I will continually update our massages. I believe strongly in health care partnership, and for you to best take care of yourself I incorporate large amounts of home-care and remedial exercise into my treatments. Currently, I practice Jiu Jitsu as my sport of choice, but in the past I have been a competitive wrestler, rock climber and soccer player. These athletic endeavors have given me a wide range of activities to draw from when providing the coaching that will help you help yourself. After all, it would be lovely if you could have massage daily, but realistically the more knowledge I can share the better equipped you will be for the day without treatment.

I am very happy to be working with Dr. Nicholls where I have found a like minded practitioner who shares my passion for optimizing health, and who offers skill sets and techniques that I don't have access to.

I look forward to introducing myself in person!


Massage Therapy

Rosemary Deitch

Registered Massage Therapist

Rosemary Deitch has been working in health care in Lindsay since 1985. Her passion for health started in nursing where she worked for 10 years, mainly spent in extended care facilities and at the Ross Memorial Hospital.

Through her experience as a nurse Rosemary saw the benefits of massage therapy, which spurred her to explore this career path since 1994. Rosemary has been fortunate enough to teach her passion at Sir Sandford Fleming College for three years. Her 24 years of experience in massage therapy has allowed her to successfully treat many different conditions; including but not limited to neck pain, headaches, Fibromyalgia, tendonitis, Sciatica, chronic pain conditions, muscle strains, and stress related pain.

Her approach is to use deep pressure to ease out muscle tension, reduce trigger points and adhesions within the tolerance of each client. Her continuing education has led her to study therapeutic touch, cranial sacral therapy, and most recently acupuncture.

Her goal for every client is to tailor her treatment to them by using various methods to improve an individual’s lifestyle.


Massage Therapy

Erin Geddes


Erin Geddes recently graduated from Queen’s University with a 4-year Bachelor of Science with specialization in Kinesiology. She obtained a certificate in Strength and Conditioning after completing a 3-year internship where she worked with varsity athletes and became the head student Strength and Conditioning coach for the Queen’s Women’s Soccer team in her final year.

Erin has always been extremely involved with sports playing hockey, soccer, and swimming growing up. However, her true passion lies with rugby having captained the women’s rugby team at Queen’s University for 3 years, in addition to playing provincially and at the national level with the u20 Canadian Women’s Rugby team.

Through her experience with athletics, particularly rugby, Erin has learned from the beginning to appreciate the importance of specialized healthcare professionals who are knowledgeable and passionate about improving client’s well-being and their commitment to getting them back to doing what they enjoy. Having personally overcame numerous injuries, Erin is capable of empathizing with clients and connecting with them to offer enhanced support through their rehabilitation process.

As someone who is passionate about making the most of everyday, Erin’s goal is to help clients of Adelaide Clinic do the same. Through functional screens, exercise counselling, and ergonomical assessments, Erin’s goal is to maximize your functional capacity and minimize pain and physical discomfort in your day to day living. Erin’s passion and enthusiasm is unparalleled and her unique ability to engage and empathize with clients makes her stand out in her field.



Kerri Currins


Kerri Currins was born and raised in Lindsay and is now raising her own family just outside of town on a farm. She has always had a passion for athletics, wellness and health; she enjoys to trying new ways to exercise through running, ball hockey, farming, or weight lifting.

Kerri has been providing foot care for people in our community since 2002. This lead her to explore more services and with her desire to promote a pain free lifestyle she discovered the value of Foot Reflexology. Kerri has a passion to help those in our community and understands the unique toll foot pain can have on a person. Kerri has completed her Foot Reflexology Certificate with the Ontario College of Reflexology and is very excited to join the Adelaide Clinic Team and offer this amazing pressure technique that benefits our body as a whole.



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